Puglia is not only Old World, it is Old Italy. A place where there is always time for a visit, where families eat together every day, where you know your neighbors because you grew up with them. It is also the home of simple great cooking. Everything is fresh, in-season, harvested ripe and prepared simply to accentuate the intrinsic taste. Mark & Elvezia adore Puglia and make A•Mano (meaning “of the Hand”)  the same way a great Puglian cook prepares a meal – with Love! They work with the best vineyards and do everything possible to maintain the purity of their flavours. Tradition is vital in Puglia, and our winemaking is traditional, natural and respectful. They use the native yeast that grows on the grapes. Our fermentations are kept cool to preserve the flavors of the vineyards. Everything possible is done to preserve the flavours, not manufacture them.

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