Carlo Hauner, Sr. began traveling the world as a painter in the late 1940s. He lived in Brazil for a few years, but eventually returned to Italy and spent his holiday in the Aeolian Islands. It was there that Hauner fell in love with the beautiful scenery. He was also captivated by the ancient practice employed to dry Malvasia grapes where the grapes are allowed to dry for a couple of weeks on outdoor racks during the day, and are taken in at sunset. Hauner eventually purchased 49 acres of land to replant the vineyard terraces overhanging the sea, suspended between the dark volcanic soil and dazzling Tyrrhenian waters. In February 1996, Carlo Hauner, Sr. passed away and his son, Carlo Hauner, Jr., who is flanked by general manager Gianfranco Sabbatino took over the winery, and have worked together, carrying the winery from previous success to future success.

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