Poderi Colla Dolcetto 2018


Delightfully soft and versatile single-vineyard.  Native Dolcetto is a Piedmontese favorite and it’s easy to taste the reasons for this; gobs of fruit, full flavours and round texture, lovely bouquet and an intriguing almond finish, it accompanies just about any course gracefully. Intense ruby in color, with all the variety’s ample, fruity bouquet and almond notes; fresh, full-bodied and flavourful, the delightful fruit and immediate appeal make it an everyday favourite. Long, satisfying finish.


VARIETY: 100% DOLCETTO ALTITUDE 350 meters above sea level TYPE OF PLANTING Sustainable VINIFICATION Harvest takes place from the 15th to 25th of September. The grapes are immediately destemmed and crushed, then macerated on the skins at controlled temperatures for 5 to 7 days. AGING Malolactic fermentation is completed before winter sets in. The wine stabilizes in stainless steel before bottling, and rests in bottle for 2 to 3 months before being released to the market. ALCOHOL CONTENT 12–13%   In 1993, Tino Colla and his niece, Federica created Poderi Colla in Langhe Albesi. Born into a family with generations of wine growers, they were driven by their family tradition and their desire to build something of their own. Poderi Colla is comprised of three properties each specializing in growing different types of grapes and covering a near-complete spectrum of Alba winemaking. All of the wine bottled is made from grapes grown on the estate, ensuring greater direct control at every step in the process, from vineyard cultivation to winemaking, maturing and bottling. Their philosophy of naturalness and originality of wines, hails from the exceptional vineyards and from winemaking techniques that respect the grapes. They are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the wine’s original characteristics without forcing flavor into fashionable stereotypes. The wines are “human” not “high-tech” with an outstanding natural concentration of well-balanced components bestowed by the terroir and the vine (not by wood or machinery).